Project ideas

  1. Analysis and design of space launchers

    • aerothermodynamics and structural design and characterisation of the ascent phase
    • guidance and control
    • Solid Rocket Boosters grain characterisation and validation
    • re-entry and recovery systems
  2. Analysis and design of various phases of an interplanetary mission
    • Possible joint-work with the rocket team for the ascent and de-orbiting phases
    • Orbits and trajectories characterisation and optimisation: use of the GMAT, ASTOS and MATLAB softwares
    • Space propulsion: Liquid Rocket Engines or low-thrust continuous propellers
    • Structural design of the spacecraft
    • Astronauts life support: human factors and re-entry modules
    • Aerocapture, Entry, Descend and Landing systems (AEDL)
    • Subsystems integration and secondary missions achievements
    • Possible research field in asteroids rendez vous
  3. CubeSats
    • Design and manufacturing
    • Structural tests validation
    • cooperation with the PoliTo’s CubeSat student team
    • Chance to start the preliminary design, validation and manufacturing of a small CANSAT to be tested in atmospheric descent

Other proposals are being validated, for suggestions and initiatives please contact luigi.mascolo@unisonitaly.eu