5th UNI-Glo

The Fifth UNISEC-Global Meeting will be held in 2-4, December, 2017 at Engineering Faculty of Sapienza – University of Rome (Via Eudossiana 18, 00184, Rome, Italy).

The 2nd Debris Mitigation Competition, the Pre-MIC5 workshop, Local Chapter Report, Student Session (UNISON-Global), Group Discussion, Acknowledgement of New Local Chapters, etc. will be organized in three days.


To follow up the successful outcomes made at the 4th UNISEC-Global meeting at the hotel ‘LONGOZ” in Kamchia (Bulgaria) on October 18-23, 2016, the 5th UNISEC-Global Meeting will permit:

  • To review the on-going activities of the new local chapters;
  • To acknowledge new applications for the UNISEC-local chapters;
  • To provide a forum for the UNISON-Global (student organization) to exchange their opinions about research activities and issues they face for closer cooperation at a student level around the world;
  • To contribute exploring every possibility of using micro/nano-satellites for scientific, social and economic needs, with technical and financial feasibilities;
  • To identify and discuss new aspects of space science and engineering through in-depth discussion on an item by item basis.


Engineering Faculty of Sapienza – University of Rome

Via Eudossiana 18, 00184 (Rome, Italy)

Venue Map


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The attendees shall make reservations themselves for their accomodation during the 5th UNISEC-Global meeting. You may find below a detailed map providing a view of the event zone, and the suggested areas and the hotels close to the event location.

Map with suggested areas

Here you may find available websites for booking the hotel or accomodation most suitable for you in Rome:




The event final program is available at the following link:

5th UNI-Glo final program


The following national and international space companies and organizations will be part of the Fifth UNISEC-Global Meeting Exhibition:

  • GomSpace ApS (Denmark)
  • Hyperion Technologies N.L. (The Netherlands)
  • NPC Space Mind (Italy)
  • QubeSpace (South Africa)
  • WaveArrays, Inc. (Japan)
  • Infostellar (Japan)
  • UNISEC (Japan)
  • WIA Europe

Social Events

The Reception (2 Dec 2017 – from 19 to 23) will be held at the Oppio Cafe.
The Gala Dinner (3 Dec 2017 – from 19.30 to 23.30) will be held at the Royal Art Cafe.


You may be required to obtain an Italian visa to visit the country. Please contact your nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate Office and ask if you need a visa, or you may visit the following website:


For those who need an Italian visa, it is advisable to start necessary procedures well in advance (more than ten days, depending upon where you live). Here are some examples of such procedures:

  1. Requesting an invitation letter and other supporting documents (2-3 days). We strongly suggest you to complete this step before the end of October to avoid expedited appointment requests.
  2. Sending these documents by overseas courier service such as FedEx (4-10 days)
  3. Applying for visa at the Embassy or Consulate Office with our documents and your documents (around within 5 working days).

When you need an invitation letter, you are requested to fill in the Invitation Letter Request Form and send it back to Alice Pellegrino, part of the Organize Student Committee for 2017:


If you have any questions about a Italian visa, please contact the above mail address.

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Important Date

May, 2017: Online early bird Registration Open

October 16, 2017: Online regular Registration Open (Extension)

December 2-4, 2017: The 5th UNISEC Global Meeting

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Please note that payments will be as follows:

   *The registration fee includes provided coffee breaks and lunches on-site during the Meeting.

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