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Who are we?

UNISON UNIsec Student OrganisatioN

UNISON was established by UNISEC in 2003 to support Japanese students who are eager to participate in aerospace development activities. UNISON is an organization established by students and managed only by students. UNISON offers students the opportunity to participate in big projects and other activities related to space development. These experiences enable them to exchange their creative ideas and corporate with each other. We expect that they broaden their outlooks and deepen their relationships through the opportunities. Besides, we try to bring up those who will develop new technological fields by themselves in the future. UNISON Italy was established in July 2015 in correlation with UNISEC Italy due to the collaboration between the Faculties of Aerospace Engineering of University of Bologna and La Sapienza, University or Rome. The Polytechnic University of Turin joined UNISEC Italy university consortium since October 2015 and now is ready to start all the UNISON related activities.

  • Student Activities
  • Partecipation in International Competitions
  • CANSAT/CUBESAT Activities
  • Conferences and online tutoring


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Marcello Valdatta

Student representative for University of Bologne
Marcello Valdatta is a BSc student of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bologna. He had a trainee at the Space Science and Technology Institute in Vilnius (Lithuania) and now he is working as a Space Systems R&D developer at NPC – “Spacemind”, Imola (Italy).
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Alice Pellegrino

Italian representative for UNISEC Italy / Student representative for “La Sapienza”, University of Rome
Alice Pellegrino graduated in the BSc in Aerospace Engineering at Sapienza, University of Rome (Italy) in March 2015. In September 2015, she started the Sapienza’s MSc in Space and Astronautical Engineering and she is the current Italian Student Representative for UNISEC Italy.
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Luigi Mascolo

Student representative for Polytechnic of Turin
Luigi Mascolo graduated in the BSc in Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin (PoliTo) in March 2015. He is nowadays enrolled in the MSc in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering, specialising in Space, at the PoliTo and he is the current PoliTo Student Representative for UNISEC.
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Student representative for University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
Leandro Iorio graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in July 2017. Since 2017, he has been Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering about “Smart Composite Structures” for aerospace applications, with particular regard to the satellite sector.

Repesentative professors